ARGANS has a staff of skilled and multi-disciplinary engineers and scientists who undertake multiple roles within the company both project management and technical. The core staff are supplemented as needed by external consultants and collaboration with the ACRI Group.

Francois-Regis Martin-Lauzer Dr François-Régis Martin-Lauzer Chief Executive Officer
Jean Laporte Jean Laporte Managing Director
Craig Jacobs Craig Jacobs Business Development Director
Martin Jones Martin Jones Programme Manager
Jan Jackson Jan Jackson Project & Office Manager
Steve Emsley Dr Stephen Emsley Project & IT Manager
Manuel Arias Dr Manuel Arias Ballesteros Programme Manager
Bahjat Alhammoud Dr Bahjat Alhammoud Project Manager
Rafael Catany Dr Rafael Catany Project Manager
Pierre Sicard Dr Pierre Sicard Project Manager
Philippe Bryere Dr Philippe Bryere Project Manager
Anne Vallette Dr Anne Vallette Project Manager
Dorella Papadopoulou Theodora Papadopoulou Analyst
Leanne Fraser Leanne Fraser Mission Operator
James Delaney James Delaney EO Scientist
Lawrence Dudley Lawrence Dudley Mission Operator
Simon Watts Simon Watts EO Programmer
Ben Allen Benjamin Allen EO Scientist
Fatimatou Coulibaly Fatimatou Coulibaly EO Programmer
Joseph Avis Joseph Avis EO Scientist
Anne-Laure Beck Anne-Laure Beck EO Scientist
Francesco d'Amico Francesco D'Amico EO Scientist
Harry Cook Harry Cook EO Scientist
Esztar Magyar Eszter Magyar EO Scientist
Gilbert Langlois Gilbert Langlois EO Scientist
Asma Zafar Asma Zafar Mission Operator
Keir Finlow-Bates Keir Finlow-Bates EO Programmer
Lorraine Sanders Lorraine Sanders HR Manager
Claire Hadley Claire Hadley Finance Manager
Henri Dolou Henri Dolou Hydrographer
Daniel Huang Daniel Huang Hydrographer
Pol Le Bihan Pol Le Bihan Cartographer


"Through the DRM project, ARGANS has represented the European Space Agency in front of multinational and interdisciplinary audiences in Europe and the Americas."

Theodora PapadopoulouAnalyst - ARGANS

"The work is incredibly engaging and very much at the cutting edge. The Marine Litter and Coastal Change projects explore what is possible using earth observation data to address pressing socio-economic issues."

Emily PeartIntern - ARGANS

"Being involved in the ESA Climate Change Initiative programme for Sea Surface Salinity is exciting and rewarding as data sets created in this project will improve monitoring methods and our overall understanding of changes affecting our oceans."

Teresa BurnsEO Scientist - ARGANS