Designing & developing the Sentinel-3 optical L2 processor prototypes

Project Description
  • 2008 - 5 years
  • PM: Dr Stephen Emsley
    Project Manager

Copernicus is the world's largest single earth observation programme and is directed by the European Commission in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA). It aims at achieving a global, continuous, autonomous, high quality, wide range Earth observation capacity. The Sentinel missions are components of the Copernicus space segment, Sentinel-3 tasked primarily with ocean monitoring.

Under contract for ESA, ARGANS led a team of scientists and developers in end-to-end development of the Sentinel-3 Ocean Land Colour Imager (OLCI), the Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer (SLSTR) Level 2 product prototype processors, including vegetation synergy products derived from combining both sensors.

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