Project Partners

Project Description

ESA’s SMOS satellite makes global observations of soil moisture over land and salinity over oceans. Since 2008 he main objectives of the ARGANS SMOS project are to project manage the scientific investigators and maintain & develop software for the SMOS L2OS (level 2 Ocean Salinity) processor leading to improvements in the retrieval algorithm based in a forward model to inverse L-band measurements into the Sea Surface Salinity (SSS) data. This includes providing support to the Expert Support Laboratories, for example, through the running of test data sets and the development and maintenance of the SMOS L2OS website. We have created L3 SSS datasets with the longest time series available. There has also been a surge of downstream applications (Ice monitoring, TEC estimation, pH estimations).

Project Details

  • Client: ESA
  • Date: January 2015 - 5+ years
  • Manager: Manual Arias
  • Features: AnalyticsR&D