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  • Earth horizon from space

Environmental Information, Geospatial Intelligence & Data Specialists

About Us

ARGANS, is a small company of scientists and software developers based in Plymouth UK, and offices in Toulouse, Brest and Sophia-Antipolis, France, as well as Valencia, Spain. We are specialists in satellite-based Earth Observation, remote-sensing applications and services, and geographical information systems used to map and monitor the marine, atmospheric and terrestrial environments.


ARGANS offers satellite mission solutions across a range of services, including development of ground segment algorithms and applications, data quality assessment and validation, or operations on behalf of space agencies, while keeping a strong scientific expertise in remote sensing science.

Earth Observation Specialists

Specialisms include satellite mission operations, mission requirements specification and ground segment design to ECSS standards.

Research & Development

Provided by staff scientists and business partners with strong doctoral scientific background in atmospheric and oceanography research.

Software Engineering

Experienced engineers skilled in multiple programming languages (Python, MATLAB, C, IDL,...) and software engineering methodologies.

Sensor Calibration & Validation

Recognised contributors in the fields of optical sensor inter-comparison, validation and the vicarious calibration of sensors.

User Support & Quality Control

Support to end-users of remote sensing images providing issue tracking, quality control and assurance

Strategic & Sustainability Planning

Support to policy initiatives in providing long-term strategy and sustainability recommendations

Nautical Charting

Satellite derived bathymetry (SDB) and innovative radiance inversion method used to construct nautical charts to IHO standards.

Coastal Mapping

Feature detection algorithms used on satellite imagery to provide maps of land cover categorisation and identification of benthic habitats.

Project Management

Successful management of collaborative projects as prime contractor of consortia drawn from European and International partners.

Technical Writing

Scientific authorship for peer-reviewed publication; technical authorship for web and corporate dissemination.

Web Design

HTML5/CSS3 static and dynamic sites designed to support EO projects and services.

Clients & Partners

ESA satellite earth observation missions are 'big science' projects financed by member states' governments and receiving equivalently valued high-tech contracts through the industrial 'GeoReturn' policy and consequently projects tend to be undertaken by pan-European consortia.

ARGANS has forged strong partnerships through joining consortia both as prime and sub-contractor with UK, European and International entities: companies, research institutes, universities and individual scientific consultants.