Project Description

DIMITRI started as a series of routines developed by ESA/ESTEC. ARGANS began working on DIMIRI in 2011, during the MEREMSI project, adding a GUI and continued through the MOSAEC project, to add features and subsequently through two maintenance contracts and an evolution contract continues to develop the tool, which is deployed at the Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 Mission Performance Centres.

DIMITRI provides readers for various medium resolution optical sensor Level 1 (top-of-atmosphere) products, e.g. MERIS, Sentinel-2 MSI, and a suite of tools that allow comparison on this data with matchup data from other sensors over the same Pseudo-Invariant Calibration Site (PIS)

Project Details

  • Client: ESA
  • Date: July 2011 - ongoing
  • Manager: Dr Bahjat Alhammoud
  • Features: AnalyticsR&D