Project Description

The LITTER-TEP (Thematic Exploitation Platform) will provide a macro-litter beaching forecast service for local authorities, government agents, NGOs and environmental protection agencies. The fate of marine macro-litter can be forecast by modelling drift using Lagrangian models and bulk fluxes using Eulerian models. These will be parameterised using CMEMS products forecasting wave, wind and current data and supplemented with models of settlement, sinking and resuspension. Results of these simulations will be posted on a dedicated LITTER-TEP web portal along with a geo-browser to locate litter events associated with an area-of-interest (AOI), historical records and statistics.The expected results are maps of likely stretches of coastline that will be affected by marine-litter grounding subsequent to storm events. These will enable local agencies to forecast when and where clean-up operations will be needed.

Project Details

  • Client: Mercator Ocean
  • Date: May 2018 - 30 months
  • Manager: Anne Vallette
  • Features: EnvironmentR&D